Noutbuki visitted under water, drink, beer and shampanskoe, shampoo, and other fairy-tale liquid.

The Dear clients - in connection with become more frequent events of the hit on ноутбуки of the liquids in our service centre are entered rules of delivery noutbook in repair.  
The Cost of the work after hit of the liquids - 100 dollars, in not dependencies will rise notebook or no.
Immediately gets old the question, but why?
At hit of the liquids in ноутбук occurs the destruction a conductor. Since all liquids have its chemical composition and under attached voltage two batteries installed in notebook (the battery external maintaining work ноутбука, and internal maintaining safety adjustment hours and BIOSA) occurs the speed destruction supplying chains.   In the same way if liquid created the contact between power supplying chain and bus data occurs burning-out a Bridge, Videochipov, memories.
That in obligatory order is done under such diagnosticses (the repair), in not dependencies will earn notebook or no.
The Data of the action are produced with charge notebook (maternal, charge of the buttons, additional charge, and other) 1. Vymyvaetsya whole charge from the remainder of the liquids. If necessary rise c BGA montage of all microcircuit.
2. Dry.
3. They Are Sliced conductors and elements, which have a traces to corrosions (for prevention of the growing to corrosions hereinafter.)
4. They Are Restored burned;burnted (lost) conductors. The Elements of the outboard montage resistors, capacitors, diodes, spools. (the microcircuits bridge, SEW, KVS, видеочипы, memory - here do not enter - if they are damaged they are changed on new).
5. It Is Processed charge anticorrosive liquid, place to the most subject to corrosions for deceleration of the process of the decomposition hurlled. 
And only after these action begins the diagnostics and repair noutbook.  And installation full cost of the repair.  Without given procedures diagnostics noutbook impossible.
THE KEYBOARD REPAIR does NOT SUBJECT to, And HER(ITS) DIAGNOSTICS is PRODUCED AFTER FULL REPAIR of the MATERNAL CHARGE notebook. If keyboard damaged superficially, and liquid has not got on film with contact platform, keys are as far as possible washed, otherwise - a CHANGE the KEYBOARD.
(too much damaged conductor, evident burning-out, evident damages of the microcircuits which impossible gain for change, damage of the charge more than 50% - herewith else damages CD-ROM, HDD, train, and etc.) Work on points 1-5 are not produced - an amount returns the client. And is as far as possible offered change the damaged nodes on other similar or analysis noutbook on spare parts for contractual amount, AT THE DISCRETION OF CLIENT.
The Dear CLIENTS!  Paying 100 dollars, you automatically comply with condition of the diagnostics - a repair noutbook. And action data this minimum necessary after hit of the liquids even though you do not want to do the further repair beside Us.

The Statistics. 
20 % notebook - after these action are started and work orderly.
60 % notebook - is required else change the keyboard.
10 % notebook necessary change drive, change bridge, shimov, and etc.
Remained 10 % have a damages mezhle partiton transition, which impossible define without detailed study and eliminating the visible damages and does not subject to the repair.

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