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   We produce the diagnostics and preventive work, change chip (south, north bridge, video chip), preventive maintenance and cleaning the system of the cooling notebook, repair and change the equipment, repair external power source notebook and plane-table, repair internal power source notebookи plane-table, repair/change port (USB, COM, multimedia), repair of the connector of the feeding, repair/change the inverter, system repair of the cooling, change the drive DVD-RW, change the winchester, change the keyboard, change the lamp highlighter, change touch flow (touch) and matrixes notebook and plane-table, repair monitor, reconstruction to information, change to storage battery, leading-in cartridge, repair printer (lazer), reconstruction cartridge complex servicing the information systems, network and peripheral equipment, telephony, networks and software, montage computer, power networks, systems of the video observation, but in the same way supply computer, office technology and conditioner.
   Due to partner's relations with producer "Forte-Service" gives warranty and after warranty servicing the automatic systems of keeping and data processing, systems of the steady feeding, notebook , plane-table and monitor. We realize support of the technology of such producers as Acer, BenQ,  DELL, BlackFox, HTC, Fujitsu, iconBIT, Highscreen, Meizu, Packard Bell, Ginzzu, Toshiba, TP-Link, TRENDnet, Uniel, Vivitek, Era and so on. The Full list maintained by us equipment, you may look at corresponding to page.

The Rules of the undertaking the repair:
1. When undertaking repair our service centres use only original details or their analogues, which using is allowed by producer. The Period of the performing the pay repair forms 5 workdays at presence of the required spare parts on storehouse of the service centre.
2.  At details, the repair is prolonged for period before their receptions, for warranty repair not more than 45 days. The Condition of the repair possible to look at page "Condition".
3.  Under specifically complex repair, under seasonly appearing faults, repair can be prolonged for vague period before full removal defect, for pay repair
4.  On detail, bathed beside the outside parties, warranty does not spread.
5. When rendering the pay services with change completing, is produced 100% downpayment completing.
6. The Service centre leaves for itself right refusal of warranty repair in the event of: wrong filling the warranty coupon, presence of the mechanical damages, breaches to safety of the seals, damages - connected with swing in electric networks, hit inside products stranger subject - as organic as well as not organic origin.
7.  At presence of the warranties on product acceptance is realized on expert operation, period of the passing - 5 days. In the event of finding the faults due to manufacturer, the repair of the product is produced during 45 workdays. In the event of not supply ZIPA, is given act of the Technical conclusion, about not possibility of the undertaking the repair, for changing the device through trade network.
8.  In the event of refusal of the customer in unilateral order from not warranty repair, after undertaking the diagnostics, the customer is paid diagnostics (the expert operation) of the equipment in accordance with price-list of the Service centre, as well as are indemnified all expenses, incurred by Service centre in purpose behooving execution facilities. ( cl. 32 and 33 Laws RF OZPP). The Client is obliged to warn the service centre about refusal of repair - overnight, since for assembly is required time.
9.  The Customer undertakes to withdrew and pay the repaired equipment for 5 days since moment of the notification of readiness or about refusal of the client from repair. The Shelf time of the ready equipment on storehouse of the service centre forms 3 months since moment of readiness, about which report the operators of the documentation centre. On outflow of this period with client is enforced payment of storage at storehouse of the unclaimed equipment in amount 1% from cost facilities for each day of the delinquency. Under not receptions of the ready equipment in current 180 days and absence of the possibility to with client, is produced salvaging the equipment in view of impossibility of his(its) storage at area of the companies.  ( the article 327 Civil codes RF).
10.  The Service centre does not carry responsibility for loss of information with carriers of information if such term is not signed by separate Agreement. The Client necessary also to remove to passwords, for full access if information confidential and is not connected with breakage of the magnetic drives, client can remove the carrier to information and keep him(it) beside itself.
11. The Service centre does not carry to liability, for direct and indirect risks, breakages of the equipment, connected with use the network Internet.
12. The Service centre does not carry responsibility for forgotten блютузы, cards to memories, Network-cards, CD and DVD disks, and t. p., forgotten in product. The Request to client, in order to avoid losses check the product at delivery in service centre.
13. Does Not be taken in pay repair equipment, beside which Ended the lifetime, stated by producer, but in the event of his(its) absences if equipment is gained more than 10 years back. We keep time and money our client, repair of the similar equipment most often inadvisable and spare parts inaccessible.
14. The Cost of the diagnostics is contributed by client at delivery of the equipment in repair, as payment for undertaking the work on searching for of the faults and sheduling the approximate cost estimate on repair. The Amount paid for diagnostics, is taken into account at balances for repair and falls into his(its) cost. At refusal of the client from repair amount, paid for diagnostics, does not return.
15. The Warranty on made pay work forms not less 90 days. To warranty technology warranty is prolonged for a period of findings of the device in service centre. On equipment, visitted under liquids warranty does not spread.

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